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Dr. Heiko Maas joins Sapherior as new partner

Dr. Heiko Maas, a proven expert in operations and long-time BASF manager, has become new partner of the top management consultancy Sapherior as of February 1, 2022. "Dr. Heiko Maas complements our consulting expertise for the chemical industry with his extensive practical knowledge of production and process engineering", says Manfred Vehreschild, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Sapherior GmbH, welcoming the new partner...

Digitalization and innovation require an objective

Innovation and digitalization - two key words that have often been synonymous with each other for a few years now. There is a trend to show the possibilities that innovation and digitalization offer for your company in the most beautiful colors. But in retrospect, the expectations a company has placed in these topics are not always fulfilled. How often initiatives from innovation and digitalization are shipwrecked is usually concealed - and often not even analyzed internally. As a result, many good approaches and ideas fizzle out...

Private equity firms are no specter to fear

Locusts – Our Good Friends

When we think of grasshoppers, most people see a natural meadow in front of them, where cute grasshoppers cavort - or an insect appearing in the swarm, which attacks the fields and leaves them bare.
The latter association has probably also led to the fact that investment companies and private equity (PE) firms have been popularly called locusts for about 15 years - a name that the sector still cannot get rid of today...

Press release

Sapherior strategy consultancy appoints Dr. Ernst Grigat as new partner and Managing Director

Dr. Ernst Grigat, an expert in sites and services and long-standing head of the CHEMPARK, will be appointed as a new partner at Sapherior from July 1st, 2020. The Hamburg-based strategy consultancy specializes in the chemical, polymer and life science industries. "Dr. Ernst Grigat complements our deep knowledge of the markets with his profound expertise in concepts and operations of chemical parks and industrial sites," says Manfred Vehreschild, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Sapherior GmbH, welcoming the new partner and Managing Director...

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